About Us

The ‘Gail Sickle initiative is a registered, non-governmental organisation that was established so that Nigerian sickle cell patients from all over the world can come together and their coming together can culminate into the rescue of other warriors back home in Nigeria. Most Nigerian sickle cell patients are victims of abject poverty and awful crisis that span from terrible aches in the bones and joints to sores that never heal and sometimes lead to death. Despite several researches and advancement in technology that has paved way to a better life for sickle cell patients, most patients in Nigeria still live in pains.

Our Agenda

A lot of Sickle cell foundations, initiatives and non-governmental organisations have emerged. Most of these organizations try to reach out and assist sickle cell patients as much as possible. However, statistics and research have shown that Nigeria has the largest population of Sickle cell patients in the world and we all know that “to whom much is given, much is expected”. As such, sickle cell patients in Nigeria should be given more attention, provision and greater access to a better life. How do we intend to achieve this? The GSI intends to partner with some sickle cell foundations in Nigeria in order to assist them financially and also render assistance in any way possible. In a case where some of these foundations have weekly meetings and the venue is not big enough to accommodate the attendees, the GSI can render a helping hand and proffer solutions.


Sickle Strong

The above project focuses on all health matters which varies from staying healthy, to crises and its challenges, stem cell, bone marrow transplant, other surgeries and the honest aftermaths, herbal remedies (if any) amongst others. GSI intends to liaise with medical doctors abroad, especially haematologist and find a way to bring them into Nigeria for a specific time so that they can administer the required health care to as many warriors as possible.

Partnership That Works

Since the GSI operates globally, another vision of ours is to partner with other SCD foundations based in Nigeria. We do this in order to support these foundations financially and also to use them as channels through which we can reach out to as many warriors as possible.

Sickle Swag

This particular project deals more with the challenges of stigmatisation and empowering the warrior. The aim is to bring as many warriors as possible to the limelight by seeking their passions and hunting their talents through various competitions. These competitions could be singing, fashion, crafts, sciences, poetry and any other form of creativity. As mentioned above, we intend to set up a creative competition for SCD patients only. Every participant will be rewarded, especially the winner who will be linked to strong personalities in his/her chosen career.

Single & Married Warrior

The challenges of life as a single or married warrior has always been a big issue in Nigeria. The moment people discover the sickle trait in an individual, a certain stigma shows up and goes as far as dating, courtship and sometimes marriage. This segment deals more with counselling and preparing warriors in issues that has to do with sentiments and emotions.

Sickle Candle

A programme that will be done annually in remembrance of every warrior that passed on. Those of them who made strong marks in the sands of time, will be featured in the ‘Gail annual bulletin.

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